Executive Team

Christian Mandl, Ph.D, M.D.

SVP, RNA Technologies

Christian W. Mandl is Senior Vice President of RNA Technologies and Boston Site Head at Vir. Previously he was the Global Head of Research, Early and Exploratory Clinical Development at Novartis Vaccines. In this role, he led a global team of more than 300 discovery and clinical researchers developing a broad range of viral and bacterial vaccines, adjuvants and delivery platforms including the self-amplifying RNA technology (SAM®), which he initiated in 2008 inspired by his previous academic research.  

Prior to joining Novartis, Christian was Professor and Assistant Head of the Clinical Institute of Virology at Medical University of Vienna, Austria. His academic research focused on molecular mechanisms of RNA viruses, their interactions with host organisms targeting novel medical applications, enabling new antiviral strategies and applications in vaccine development or viral gene vectors.

He is a world-renowned expert in the molecular biology of flaviviruses and RNA vaccines. He has authored more than 100 scientific publications, and is an inventor on patents related to a marketed tick-borne encephalitis (flavivirus) vaccine, the SAM technology, and other antiviral approaches. He has consulted for industrial, academic and non-profit organizations on translational aspects of vaccines, cancer immunotherapy, and viral vectors.

Christian holds a PhD and MD from University of Vienna, and a Master of Science (Biochemistry) from Pennsylvania State University. He earned his postdoctoral lecturer qualification (Habilitation) in Molecular Virology and was certified as a Medical Specialist in Virology by the Austrian Medical Association.