Proprietary Antibody Platform

Our world class, proprietary monoclonal antibody (mAb) discovery platform has already yielded two commercial medicines, Xevudy for COVID-19, which was developed in a record-setting 15 months and Ebanga for Ebola, which has been recognized by the World Health Organization for its impact.

Our mAb discovery platform is a core strength upon which we continue to build and improve. Leveraging this platform, we are able to identify best-in-class, ultra-rare antibodies that are both broadly neutralizing and potent from human survivors of a disease. By combining artificial intelligence, structural biology and virological/immunological assay we can introduce selected mutations into the antibody binding arm to further improve breadth, resilience and potency of the mAb.

We can also select mAbs demonstrating Fc mediated effector functions. Fc mediated effector function can help induce beneficial immune responses. This is because while its two antibody-binding arms enable a mAb to bind to the target protein and e.g. neutralize a virus, the Fc fragment connects this binding to the rest of the immune system, enables new modes of action, and increases the potency of the treatment. The Fc fragment allows the immune system to recognize an infected cell and mount its own T cell or B cell response.

By activating the body’s own immune system, in addition to binding the pathogen and preventing it from spreading the infection, Fc-mediated effector functions thus help induce long-lasting adaptive immunity, which can continue to provide protection even after the mAb is no longer in a person’s body.

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