Data Science and Artificial Intelligence-Enabled Capabilities

Vir’s fully integrated, end-to-end approach leverages our strong data science foundations to maximize data-driven insights, along with an embedded functional data strategy to drive innovation from research through product commercialization.

Vir leverages data science tools across 90% of our pipeline enabling us to discover, select and develop drug candidates with the greatest chance of becoming transformative medicines that can benefit patients everywhere. We do this by engineering the broad, potent  antibodies identified by our proprietary platform to enhance antibody binding, potency, effector function, half-life, developability, and stability.

For instance, we use machine learning to enhance the interaction of antibodies with the cells in our immune system through modifications to the Fc fragment to increase the effector function. In addition, protein language models – similar to large language or generative AI models – enable us to potentially reduce the time needed to optimize antibodies from months to weeks. Vir scientists and researchers have published more than 24 publications that use data science tools and either hold or have applications pending for 12 patents.

Our state-of-the-art capabilities include: 

  • ‘omics
  • Pathogen evolution
  • Protein engineering
  • Real world data analytics

We apply these capabilities to a range of areas such as:

  • Pathogen surveillance and forecasting
  • Clinical trial design, analysis
  • Target discovery and validation
  • Ab optimization
  • Manufacturing Optimization