A World Without Infectious Disease

Working towards a world without infectious disease

At Vir, we are driven to transform the care of patients with or at risk of serious infectious diseases that affect hundreds of millions of people in every part of the world.

Join Us

At Vir, we have an industry-leading team with deep expertise in immunology, infectious disease, and drug development. We are always interested in knowing the best and the brightest talent. If you do not see a role that matches your background, we encourage you to email your resume to resumes@vir.bio. This will help us find you if a new need arises that fits your experience.

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Some companies have values. We have VIR-tues.

virtue / vîr chü/ n. (pl. – ues) 1. the fundamental values of Vir; 2. the guiding principles for Vir behaviors expected by ourselves, our patients, and the communities we serve; 3. the why, who, how, what, and when of Vir.

Why We Work To transform the care of patients with or at risk of serious infectious diseases throughout the world

Who We Are Authenticity and humility

  • We approach each day with a sense of optimism and humor
  • Our strength resides in the diversity of our journeys and learning from each other
  • We are our most valuable asset and invest in ourselves by fostering an environment of learning, opportunity, feedback, and mentorship

What Drives Us Fearless curiosity grounded in data

  • We innovate with courage and bold ideas
  • We embrace changes and challenges
  • We use setbacks as learning opportunities

How We Act Transparency and connection

  • We focus on the “we” and not on the “I”
  • We believe that candor and respect are the cornerstones of teamwork and essential to maintaining resiliency and trust
  • We encourage solution-focused communication and thoughtful risk-taking to generate creative solutions to vexing problems

When We Deliver Determination and accountability

  • We keep bureaucracy low, decision-making simple and allow for the inevitable need for flexibility
  • We expect our leaders to set the priorities, communicate the context, and allow the time and provide the resources
  • We hold ourselves accountable for getting stuff done – our patients’ survival depends on it

If in doubt Do the right thing – even when it’s the hard thing